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Past Cincy.rb Event Recordings

Here is a collection of recorded events from our previous gatherings. Meetups are recorded when there is a speaker presentation. You'll find them here!

Create your own Ruby Recipe Books with Jupyter Notebooks

Do you find yourself spending a lot of time in the rails console doing repetitive tasks or asking ad hoc questions in Ruby? Join us for September as we walk through setting up Ruby code notebooks using VS Code and Jupyter Notebooks. These notebooks allow us to annotate our code with markdown and preserve the output so that we can reuse and share code and information together with our team or our future selves. With a little planning, you can assemble a cookbook of different recipes that you find yourself using often.

Tim Mecklem

Do A Good Job with Scheduled & Ad-Hoc Tasks

We continue in our "get off my lawn" series of revisiting longstanding Rails problems and solutions. This month, we moved a slow computation to an async ActiveJob runner called good_job, while keeping the end to end user experience of updating the UI as soon as the job finished with its results.

Tim Mecklem

A very special Apprenticeship Journey

Trying to grow your team but struggling to find a path for new devs? Trying to break into the software development industry? Don't stop believin'! In this edition of Cincinnati Ruby Brigade, we'll interview two apprentices who are nearing the end of a paid apprenticeship. We'll hear from them what experiences they've had, things that helped them, and what they're looking forward to as they prepare to complete the program and move into the next phase of their careers.

Andrew Ek

Syd Workman

David Choi

Real-time Web Apps

Tim Mecklem talks about building Real-time Apps with Ruby on Rails.

Tim Mecklem

Hotwire, Turbo & Stimulus

This month we examine the pros and cons of Hotwire, Turbo & Stimulus and look at an simple demo app that implements auto-suggest.

Tim Mecklem

Characterization Tests

We investigate ways to write "Characterization Tests" using last month's Fizzbuzz code as our "legacy" codebase.

Tim Mecklem

ActionView Demo

Continuing on our "cincyrb new" series in September, Bill Barnett presents on ActionView basics and how Rails templating works.It's views! It's action!Code available here:

Bill Barnett

ActiveRecord Basics

Please enjoy August's continuation of "cincyrb new" as Bill Barnett introduces core ActiveRecord concepts and teaches us how to manage databases and data in a Rails project! Code available at:

Bill Barnett

MVC and Routing

We discuss the concepts of Models, Views, and Controllers as well as talking through how a request from the browser gets routed to the correct Ruby code to respond. Code available at:

Bill Barnett

rails new cincyrb

This is the first installation in a series of introductory Rails talks focused on helping people who are new to the Ruby community to get started. The first half of this meetup is a description of the why, what, and how of the series. The second half is an introduction to sharing a vanilla Rails project to the world using GitHub (useful for asking for help and sharing your work with your friends!)

Tim Mecklem


Follow along with "Using Docker to Manage Your Development Environment."

Doug Alcorn

The Ruby Object Model, Reflection, and Metaprogramming

A whirlwind tour of the Ruby object model and reflection capabilities, and a sampling of some of Ruby’s most interesting dynamic metaprogramming techniques.

Jason Voegele

Domain-Driven Design applied to a large application using Rails

Following the philosophy and principles laid out in Eric Evans' book "Domain-Driven Design", the new Rails-based core of the Scrum Alliance's site is being designed as a business application first and foremost. This should keep a clear boundary between the "application" and the "framework" which have very different rates of change.

Rob Biedenharn

App Demos

Decoupling from Rails

Jim Weirich

Ruby Warrior Intermediate

Ruby Warrior Intermediate review / discussion

Jason Voegele

Ruby Warrior

Ruby Warrior code review, Ifs the Command Pattern and you.

Ruby, threads, events ... and DRONES!

Jim Weirich

Commodity market analysis with Ruby ( for Eve Online ) / Developing in the cloud with Cloud 9 and

Doug Alcorn

Chris Nelson

February CincyRB: Rubber complex multi-instance deployments to EC2

Jim Anders

Performance Tuning with New Relic

Michael Guterl and Josh Owens spoke on "Performance Tuning with New Relic". There was also some discussion on peoples experience transitioning to becoming a full time Ruby developer.

Josh Owens

Michael Guterl

Discussion of Memory Management for Ruby developers

Discussion of Memory Management for Ruby developers. Led by Dave Anderson, Jim Wierich, and Rob Biedenharn. This meeting was memorable for sure! *rimshot

Jim Weirich

Dave Anderson

Rob Biedenharn

Functional Programming in Ruby

Rob walks us through what functional programming in ruby looks like to get functional with Ruby.

Rob Biedenharn

Hypermedia'ing all the things and the code and tools behind local startup ChoreMonster

Kevin Pfefferle will be speaking about the code and tools behind local startup ChoreMonster. ChoreMonster aims to make chores fun with points, rewards and unlockable monsters. Next, we're shipping Steve Klabnik down from Pittsburgh to speak on Hypermedia'ing all the things! If you're looking for an introduction to Hypermedia before Tuesday, @cdmwebs has a Giant List of All Things Hypermedia to get you started. Read more here:

Kevin Pfefferle

Steve Klabnik